Investment Management

Separate Account Management

As an SEC registered investment advisor, TAYLOR WEALTH MANAGEMENT PARTNERS only manages separate accounts, which means all client portfolios are individually structured rather than being composed of investment pools of commingled assets. Our core investment strategy uses a diversified total return portfolio composed of publicly traded securities to deliver growth and income. 


Disciplined Investment Process

Our investment process is structured to evaluate and monitor the macro environment to ensure the relevance and expected longevity of key investment themes. Our analysis is based upon fundamental research. Within selected investment themes, we invest in securities that we believe will deliver superior total returns over a multi-year time horizon. We prioritize industry positioning, management team and financial strength as significant inputs in evaluating a company’s investment potential. We spend a significant amount of time meeting with the managements of companies - in our Boston office, at company sites, at investor days, and at industry conferences - in order to ascertain the best investment opportunities.


Seasoned Investment Committee

Our investment team has considerable investment management and financial service industry expertise. Additionally, we have significant operational and management experience. This extensive corporate operating knowledge provides us with a unique perspective when researching and comprehending companies and their operations.


The Client Comes First

As a fiduciary, TAYLOR WEALTH MANAGEMENT PARTNERS always places the client's interests ahead of the firm's needs and concerns. To have a successful long term relationship with a client, we believe transparency and forthrightness in respect to account performance, any potential conflicts, client service issues and portfolio management decisions are paramount. In essence integrity is our overriding motivation.